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Welcome to the World of European Royals!

Thank you for visiting this site.

The banner you see here is my personal creation. It features a silver and diamond crown which belongs to the British monarchy. It is usually worn by Queen Elizabeth II during state occasions. I chose Purple as the color theme of this blog because it represents royalty.

This blog features the fascinating world of European royalty. Their charm and mystic, their prized-standing position in the society, the perplexity of the royal titles and its subtleties and how the complicated standard of royal protocol sometimes complicates their human existence.

The blog entries here are based on my research effort reading royal books, reference materials about royalty, news and magazines related to the monarchy and a regular visit to the official websites of the European royal families. 

I've always been fascinated with the history and lifestyle of the European Royalty, the magnificent horse-drawn carriages, the sparkling tiaras and jewels and the fussy titles slinking their names. So I made a strenuous research about their exalted circle to get acquainted with their mystical background. For more than 18 years now my research journey brought me closer to the intricacies of their amusing lives.

A royal subject is one of the most complicated topics to write probably because of its dimensions: the strict royal protocol, the hierarchy of their social status, the complication of its functions and the subtleties of its titles. 

My first attempt to chronicle the lives of the royals was physically draining but somehow provided me a perfect view on how to understand the royal world. Studying the background of European monarchy is such an exciting task, it is so amazing to finally uncover the secrets of their existence. 

Their glamorous and extravagant lifestyle maybe envied and the ancient rituals of prancing horses and gun carriages mesmerized the public, but their lives, run by protocol and-sometimes- dictated by traditions, are excruciatingly painful and miserable. 

It is my pleasure to share to you the things I'd learned and discovered about the amazing world of fairytale of the European royal court. 
Do you have a specific topic about royalty or favorite European royals you want to read in my site? Feel free to contact me through the "Contact" page of this blog. 

Thank you and Godbless everyone!


References/sources of my entries for this blog:

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell
Chronicles of the British Royal Family (with photographs from the Daily Mail)
Compton Encyclopedia
Daily Mail Online 
The Telegraph UK
Diana, Her True Story by Andrew Morton
Encyclopedia Brittanica
Majesty magazine 
Prince William: the boy who will be king by Randi Reisfeld
Queen's Husband by Victoria Holt 
Royal Sisters by Anne Edwards
Time Magazine (several issues) (online)
The Daily Mail UK (online)
The Economic Review
The Guardian UK website 
The Royals by Kitty Kelley (official website of the British monarchy)


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