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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Case of Royal Twins

On the final months of her pregnancy, Princess Charlene revealed she will be having twins and her prince of course is absolutely happy. Twins born among royals are no longer surprising. Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Mary had twins following two children, but what really made Charlene's twins different is that these children are in direct succession to the Monegasque throne and determining who will be put in the first line could be a little tricky.
His Serene Highness, Prince Albert of Monaco with his pregnant wife, Princess Charlene
She's carrying a set of twins that are first to be born to a reigning 
European crown head in modern times

In modern times, none was heard among monarchs and its direct successors having a twin sibling. If the twins are a boy and a girl it would not pose so much problem as the apparent would be the boy, but what if the twins are identical?

Princess Sophie, wife of Prince Georg of Prussia, a non-reigning royal house in Germany, gave birth to twin sons in January 2013 and the one who came first becomes the first line successor to the royal house of Hohenzollern.

Now comes another set of twins of a reigning European crown head. Prince Albert is the reigning Sovereign Prince of Monaco and because his wife is carrying his first born and ultimately direct heirs, determining who will be chosen the heir-apparent would probably raise a little controversy.

Theories about twins varied down the decades. Some claimed that the one who will come out first is the youngest while the one who will come last is the eldest. However, the basis of choosing the heir is the time of birth, whoever comes first will be the first born.

It is not clear however if Princess Charlene is carrying a fraternal or identical twins. That's remains to be seen.

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